Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bread Science: the Chemistry and Craft of Making Bread

Emily Buehler's website. Emily is a professional artisan baker and baking instructor who also has a Ph.D. in chemistry (studying reactions of hydrogen on silicon surfaces using a scanning tunneling microscope, according to her short bio).

Bread Science: the Chemistry and Craft of Making Bread

It certainly looks like a good resource at first glance - I will know better when I see the whole book - but the pdf excerpts look good. Not a "recipe" book.

See this review on the Fresh loaf - but here is a quote or two...

"This isn't a cookbook: though there are a couple of formula in the back, it is really about understand[ing] the process (what is happening inside of your bread) and figuring out how your technique can make the most of the good things you want to happen, chemically-speaking, and avoid the things you don't want to happen. It makes a nice complement to all of the baking books you have on your shelf that tell you things like "don't overknead" but don't explain why".

"This book is great. When I got it I read it cover-to-cover in one evening".

The fresh loaf has a lot of other good things to read including more baking book reviews.

We are getting 4 copies of the chemistry and craft book sometime in the next week or 2. You can look them over if you are interested.

I am seriously thinking of using it as a text book for the experimental FST48X Baking Science Class that is being considered.

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